Wednesday, June 20, 2012

If you think you need therapy, start a blog...

Man oh man, life is so full of changes! I have recently been going through some rocky roads I never thought I would have to travel down.  While out mowing my grass today I was hit with the greatest revelation. Start a blog... I don't think it was a whisper I heard while mowing under the aspen trees, or a vision I got when I had to rub the dust from my eyes (the yard IS rather dry). But it was that still small voice, the one I hear so often, the one I have always believed is the spirit of God - gently talking to me. 

He reminds me of why He loves me, how He shows me He loves me, and why my life is so much better with Him in it. So, as I drove around the yard, event after event, time after time (that God has blessed me) came rushing into my mind and I thought, 'Hey! I will start a blog!'

I can assure you if you read along from time to time you will see just 'why' I think God is the coolest of the cool, and why He deserves a great big AWESOME in my book!  I can assure you it won't be a typical journey, but it will be a worthwhile journey. I will show you how God has taught me valuable lessons and how He has gotten me through times that seem hopeless. Thanks to Him my life is wonderful, and as always, Far from Ordinary!

I will also guarantee I have horrific grammer and I can't spell worth a darn. Also, from time to time I will use things other people have said, and although I can't remember their names or where it came from, I will NEVER take credit for something that did not originate with me. I will be truthful ( often to a point of personal embarrassment ), and I will always 'try' to stay within safe limits of story embellishment! :0)

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  1. so excited to share the journey with you always take me on an adventure and make me think deep thoughts. P.S. I just love this pic of you and Jim, it's just pure fun. xoxo j