Monday, July 2, 2012

Why would you, pray for me? Part 2

I hung up the phone and Mya stayed very heavy on my heart.  During dinner I told my family about her and we all began praying for her.  I packed up her medications (well, actually they are supplements) and headed over for my massage.  My massage therapist talked with me for quite a while about her and seemed very happy that I was able to have the products for her.

 I know that I would have been more than happy to deliver them to Mya, but I still believe that it was better for her to be at ease and comfortable with everything, as I had no idea what her life was like, what she was going through.

When the second call came in, Mya seemed rather happy and upbeat. "Hello, Robin? Hey, I got all of the supplements, I've been on them heavily for 2 weeks now, and I want you to know I feel great!" Mya chirped from the other end of the phone line. "I seem to have more energy, I feel more clarity and I just feel better overall."

My reply? "Oh, Praise God! I am so happy you are feeling good."

We continued a conversation similar to the first one, once again conjuring up an order that she would need, and of course set up our delivery schedule.  I have to admit, in the way we always spoke of getting the stuff, going through the middle man, the drop off, and cash delivery, well, I kind of felt like a drug dealer... Ha, we laughed about that once. 

By the end of the conversation I could tell Mya was very positive and looking forward to continuing with these supplements and seeing if they would indeed help her.  Just before she hung up the phone she thanked me and asked, "So, are you still praying for me?"

"Of course I am Mya, we all are - and we will continue to pray for you daily, until you are healed."

She seemed quite happy with my answer and thanked me for taking the time to help her.  We hung up the phone and I began praying, again...still...

I found myself looking forward to Mya's calls.  Sometimes they came every week, sometimes, every two weeks. During all of this she had her up days and she had her down days.  I would love to say that all of her days were wonderful, but they weren't.  One thing I did notice though, her down days were not rock bottom days.  She was tired in her body but her spirit was soaring high. Most conversations went the same, pills, order, money, pray.  We did however work more chit-chat into our conversations and started taking the time to get to know each other, learn about each others lives.

Mya was always very curious about not what I believed, but why I believed.  I loved sharing stories with her about how I gave my life to Jesus Christ, on April 15th, 1998.  She seemed impressed that I had an actual day that I remembered.  She said she thought it would be more of a time in my life I remembered (like saying, when I was in my early 30's) but something as profound as what I went through, I remembered the date, the time, heck, I can even tell you what the weather was like and what I was wearing. 

She would ask me how I knew it was Jesus who answered my prayers and why I trusted in Him.  I have to admit, that is one of my favorite subjects and we would talk away about Him, His love and His gentle touch in my life. I always allowed her to ask the questions, I never wanted her to feel that I was imposing my beliefs on her, but I, in no way would deny His grace in my life.

Durring one of our conversations, Mya told me that she was born a Jew, but her family really only practiced their Judaism on holy days.  She said it really wasn't a part of her life , but when asked, her proud response was always, "I am a Jew."  

I listened, and then we talked about the Sabbath, Holy Days, etc. I think it surprised her that her new gentile friend knew about such things. It makes me smile when I think back on it.  I wish I could have known her 10 years later, I would have insisted on taking her a loaf of my killer challah! :0)

Time passed by and Mya and I worked through her highs and lows.  Sometimes she required more supplements, sometimes less. I ordered and kept everything on hand because some times she forgot to give me a weeks warning and needed them right then. It always worked out that she never had to wait and I always had what she needed when she needed it. She always remained a tad bit reserved when we spoke.  I believe it was because we had actually never met.  In reality, I never would meet Mya in person - all of our communication came in the simple form of a phone call.  I offered many times to bring the supplements to her, but she always insisted that we go through our massage therapist. She would always say, "You are giving them to me at cost, I won't have you spending your gas and time to bring them to me."

In mid summer 2003 I got a call from Mya's number.  I answered, but this time it was not Mya on the other end of the phone, but a young girl (I imagine her to be in her mid 20's ), and she said, "Hi, I don't know who I need to speak to, but I am a friend of Mya's.  I noticed she had your number written down in a book with the amount of money she owed you. I'm sorry to tell you, Mya died two days ago. If there are any debt's she owed you, I'd like to take care of that."


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