Sunday, July 1, 2012

Why would you, pray for me?

Once in a while we have encounters that change us forever.  I have always referred to these as divine appointments. I firmly believe God puts people in our paths for several reasons. 1: So we are changed by the encounter, 2: So they are changed by the encounter, 3: So both are changed by the encounter, 4: So others may be changed by the encounter. 

Whichever reason it is, God is faithful, and someone is always changed, and I find that it is always for the better. 

Such is what happened with the story I am about to share.  What started out as a simple conversation, turned into a life altering experience for me.  One I will be eternally grateful for.  One that has helped shape my faith, reminds me of God’s tender mercies, and renews my hope. 

Ever since I have wanted to write down my thoughts (ie: book, blog), God has always brought this memory to the forefront of my mind.  It’s like He says to me, “Have you told them yet about Mya?”

So, in my quest to be obedient, and to also share a wonderful story – I need to tell all of you, about Mya……


I don’t exactly remember the time of year, I’d like to say it was in the late fall or just after Christmas.  I was going about my usual day when the phone rang. “Hello, is this Robin Jones?” the voice on the other end of the line asked.

“Yes, this in Robin, how can I help you?”

“Well, you don’t know me, I was given your number by a mutual friend who gives us both massage.”

The conversation began, and now that I think back upon this moment, so did a friendship, and a series of conversations to follow that would, and have continued to have a dramatic impact on my life.

Her name was Mya.  She was older, probably in her early sixties at the time she called.  She had been going to the same lady that I had been going to for weekly massage.  She explained that our friend had given her my number, thinking I may have some products to help her with the illness she was going through.

Mya had told me how she had been diagnosed with cancer, and she really believed in treating oneself with holistic natural resources, and did not in any way, want to undergo traditional cancer therapies.

At the time, she was taking several natural products that she was paying a premium for at our local health food store.  She had heard through our friend that I was a distributor for this company and was hoping that my retail mark up was possibly lower than what she was paying through the store.

After about 30 minutes of discussing her diagnosis, the products she was currently taking, and answering questions about a few more she was interested in, we came up with a game plan of different ways she could approach treating her specific kind of cancer.

We talked for about an hour.  At first, I was really busy with my daily activities and frankly; being on the phone was the last thing I wanted to do.  However, as she began to talk, my day seemed to slow down, it almost came to a standstill, and I found that I needed to be on the phone – listening.

I will never forget the trembling in her voice when she told me about the cancer diagnosis.  She sounded a bit frail, bewildered, and well, like she was searching for answers.  So, I did the only thing I could do, I listened.  I listened and I silently prayed. I prayed that God would lead me in the right direction to give her the products she needed; I prayed she would feel peace, and I prayed for her healing.

Mya began to speak more calmly; she perked up a bit and sounded a little stronger and happier as the conversation continued.  I was impressed to offer her all of the products she needed at cost.  I reasoned within myself that I didn’t face the burden she was facing and a few dollars in my pocket might mean a comfort she would have to give up.

Mya was thrilled, to say the least.  Since she knew my weekly massage schedule, she asked if I could take the pills to the massage therapist, and she would get them from her the next day when the therapist would be going to her house to work on her.  We agreed, and I told her to call a week before she would run out of medicine, and I would be sure to get her more so she didn’t have to go without.

We were getting ready to say good bye when I said, “Mya, I’m so glad you called me today, it has brightened my day – oh, and I (along with my family) will be praying for you daily.”

That’s when the phone went silent.  I heard a faint, soft, whisper like voice, say, “Why would you, pray for me?”

I didn’t even have to think twice, “Because Mya, you are my friend, and I KNOW God heals. I will ask Him to heal you.”

“How do you know He heals,” she quietly asked.

“Because, Mya, He healed my son from cancer a few years back.  God is good, I have faith He will heal you too.”

The phone remained silent for a moment; I could hear her choking back tears, “Thank you, Robin.  I never would have asked you to do that. I appreciate your help today.”


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